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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it all work?

Glad you asked!

STASHDD partners with local shops to put their extra space to use by holding things for you for a few hours or a few days, and we implement procedures to ensure a smooth, transparent process.

Take a look at our How it Works page for a step by step guide to each of our services.

But is it safe?


We certify every shop before signing them on to our platform. Once they're on, they're held to the highest standards.

Your property is tagged and sealed, then stored in safe, clean locations away from customer access.

We work hard to minimize your risk while we maximize your protection.

Okay, but things can still happen. Is there insurance? Who's responsible?

STASHDD is responsible to our customers for anything that goes wrong through our Secured and Insured coverage. We provide up to $3,000 coverage for each item that's paid for through our website and checked in with the STASHDD process.

Do I have to book online? Can I pay with cash or in person?

All bookings must be made through our website. We don't accept cash payments at the shops, and our Secured and Insured coverage only applies to bookings made properly through stashdd.com.

When is payment processed?

Payment is processed immediately when you book, and if you check out, you'll simply be assessed the additional charged after you complete your booking.

Can I edit or cancel a booking?

Plans change and we don't want you to feel locked in! You might also realize you need to add items!

Do I need an app?

Our app will be coming soon to make STASHDD easier and more convenient than ever! But you'll never be required to use the app, you can always book directly through our website.

What is a Certified STASHDD Shop?

We partner with neighborhood shops to make this all possible. Before a shop can join the platform, we check them thoroughly, instruct and train them, go over documents with them that cover every base, and certify that they will meet the highest STASHDD Standards!

Luggage Storage
How is my luggage kept safe?

When you arrive, our Partner Shop will place a secure tag that seals each bag and labels the bag with a unique identifying code. We'll then make sure you have a copy of that code. The bags are placed in a clean, safe area of the shop away from customer access, and you're free to explore the city, unburdened!

Are there size limits? What about my bike/stroller/other item?

If one person can carry it, we'll take it!

If you have a bike or other item that may take up a lot of space, search for one of our 'Extra Space' Shops and select the 'Oversized' option. The price is still the same, this just makes sure the Shop is ready for you when you get there!

We do our best to ensure ample space in all of our Partner Shops and cut off bookings if a Shop runs out of space, but if you have something larger than normal baggage, reach out to us at hello@stashdd.com and we'll figure out how to make it work!

Are there extra charges for larger items? Lower charges for small items?

Nope! One price fits all, each item is the same price!

Are there prohibited items?

We'll take almost anything! But if it's illegal, dangerous, alive, or has the potential to go spoiled during your booking, we unfortunately can't take it. Our Partner Shops retain the right to inspect items for prohibited contents, and if they reasonably believe there to be such contents, to refuse to accept the item.

Can I send someone else for pickup?

Yes! All they need is the image or email displaying your unique code

Is there a maximum amount of time I can store luggage?

As long as you need!

Should I leave my passports/ID/wallet inside my bags?

If possible, we encourage you to keep ID documents, cash, credit cards, and other such valuables with you. But if you do leave them in your bag, you can be assured they'll be safe and undisturbed when you return.

What counts as an item?

Each bag or other item is counted separately and must be counted when you book.

Can I store luggage hourly?

We don't offer hourly storage. Our statistics show most of our customers store their things for more than 3 hours, which we make affordable and worry free. We want to unburden you, not stress you out with a running timer.

Key Drop
How and where are my keys put away?

Each of our Partner Shops has an area set aside for keys. Your keys will be placed in a small bag and sealed, tamper-proof. You'll be given a unique code to pass along to your guest, and we'll take care of the rest!

How does pick up work for my guest?

You will receive a unique code to pass on to your guest, which they can simply show when they arrive at the shop!

Am I charged per day or per transfer?

The entire key transfer is covered under the charge, up to 5 days!

How do I get my keys back at the end?

Simply arrive at the end with the same unique code!

How many items can I have on one keychain?

Up to 4 keys.

What does my guest do if there's a problem?

If something goes wrong, reach out to us via live chat and we'll do our best to respond immediately, day or night

Package Reception
Do I need to provide tracking information?

Not at all, simply address the package exactly as we instruct, and we'll take care of the rest!

My tracking shows a failed delivery. What do I do now?

Sometimes a late (or early) delivery may be outside of the hours of your selected shop. Sometimes inclement weather or other reasons may cause the carrier to hold the package. If this happens, you must contact the carrier to arrange a new delivery attempt. If you're having a hard time, send us an email and we'll do our best to help!

Is there anything I can't have delivered?

We can't accept perishables, or anything illegal in the jurisdiction it's being received, and it's your responsibility to know whether it's illegal.

What happens once my package arrives?

We'll notify you via email and you'll have 3 days to come by the Shop and show them your Code!

How much time do I have to pick up my packages?

You have up to 3 days after we notify you of the arrival of your package. Any additional days will incur a daily storage fee.


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